God desires all of His children to walk with Him. Imagine walking with a close friend down the street. You will be in close proximity, talk, laugh, listen and share hearts. Your attention is focused on this person to the exclusion of almost everything else. You are in harmony enjoying the peaceful camaraderie. That’s God’s expectations for us in 2020.


1. Appreciate God for 2020 and 12 days used up

2. Pray that you will walk under open heavens

3. Ask that the Lord will guide your steps into greater


4. Pray for the removal of all barriers against your

walk with God

5. Request that every word of promise from God for

you be fulfilled

6. Praise God for answered prayers.


Jan. 12: Job 32-34.

Jan. 13: Job 35-37.

Jan. 14: Job 38-39.

Jan. 15: Job 40-42.

Jan. 16: Genesis 12-15.

Jan. 17: Genesis 16-18.

Jan. 18: Genesis 19-21.

Upcoming Ministrations:

-Home fellowship meets at various centers by 5pm.

Topic: . Text:

-Mid-week fellowship: Jan. 15, 2020. Topic: “Challenges

Against Walking with God” Text: Deut. 5:33 & `Luke 6:46.

-Next Sunday’s workers prayer meeting at 7.30am will be

led by Dn. Wole John Adeyemi.

-Jan 18: LCBC Worker’s Retreat,

-Jan 25: NIBC Children’s Teacher Retreat;

-Jan 26: WMU Focus Week; Medical Evangelism to

Gbagada GH,

-Jan 31: Monthly Nightly Prayer (Coordinated by Pastoral



-Pastoral ministry member on duty this week is Dns. Eniola


-Meetings: Pastoral ministry

-Please join others at our Tuesday morning Prayers from

6: 30 – 7: 30am.

-Bus donations account received an inflow of 5k this week,

Please send in your donations to our Ecobank account.

-Please note the following church accounts details: church

Bus Ecobank, # 3502010129; Tithes Zenith Bank plc,

# 1013310919; Welfare activities Zenith Bank Plc,

# 1015803527.


I will walk with the Lord always

In obedience and submission

In all the ways that the Lord command

Day and night will I meditate

Then, will I live, long and prosper

In the land that I will possess

It shall be well with me everyday

As I live and abide in Him.