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Girls Auxiliary

New Insight Baptist Church runs a special baptist mission program targeted at the development of young girls ages 10 to 16. It is called the Girls’ Auxiliary and has been part of the general baptist mission program in Nigeria since 1925. Our Girls’ Auxiliary is aimed at helping these young ones to grow spiritually and participate in missionary activities.

The group has a fun way of getting serious things done. The girls are taught to memorize passages of the scripture, collect missionary information, understand the teachings of the scriptures, and read mission study books. They are also sessions in writing, sewing, carrying out varied activities and doing other challenging things. Membership ranks are Maiden, Lady-in-Waiting, Princess, Queen, Queen-with-sceptre, Queen Regent and Queen-in-service.

The group afford the girls travelling and camping opportunities as well as interactive learning exposures. Emphasis is on laying proper Christian foundation and building right perspective to live for the girl child. We have several success stories that has encouraged us.